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2014-07-10 02:30 pm
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Don't mind me just sweep
sweepin' the past away.
And by away I mean down a little.

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2010-08-07 01:07 am
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Wow, I got back on here with the intent of typing up something that could possibly be considered witty or entertaining, but I seem to have run into the same road block that caused me to quit using this thing: I have nothing to say. Shocker, I know.

So, instead of that, we'll do it backwards.

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2008-09-13 01:03 pm
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Yesterday was AWESOME. Let me tell you.

So, I got all pissed at Susan, as usual, she came in around 11 after that and fucking swam in her perfume. Well, that gave me a MASSIVE headache since I was already mad. Said headache began evolving into a migraine so I told my grandma that I would probably go home soon if it didn't stop hurting. Well, she got all huffy with me, which made me mad so we got into it. Eventually I was like "Fuck it. I'm not in the mood to put up with your attitude because, heaven forbid, I get a headache! I'm leaving!" So I started storming off and she yelled after me "And don't come back!"

I lost my job.

I get home and talk to Laura a bit before laying down with a nice hot towel on my forehead and eyes to try and soothe my headache. Then my phone rings and it's my grandma.
I answer it and the firs words out of her mouth are "I think you need to live with you Mother."
So she then proceeds to tell me about how much time and money she spends on me and how she can't do it and blah blah blah and basically tells me "You're a burden and I'm tired of taking care of you and listening to you complain."

I got kicked out of my house.

Later that night Goldie and I are kickin' it in my house and we decided to go to Penn Square to get Goldie some new jeans. I'm cruising through Nichols Hills in my pick up (mistake number 1) doing a solid 36 thinking that it's 35. I get pulled over. Turns out the speed limit is actually a lovely 25. So he pulls me over and informs me that my tag expired in June. Awesome. He also tells me that I have a violation for driving with a cracked windshield. Even more awesome. Then I can't find any insurance cards for the year of 2008 (I also happened to be uninsured for the month of August and September). This is getting better and better. Luckily, he's really nice and he's like "Okay, you pretty much have 4 strikes for all of this, but I'm going to count it as 2. Please tell me the address on your license is correct." Thank god it was. So he tells me the amount of fees for everything I have and that he can pretty much take me to jail right then.

I nearly went to jail and had my truck impounded.

FORTUNATLY. He gave me warnings on everything except for my tags which I have a $76 fine on and a court date for October 15th at the Nichols Hills court. He told me that I could get it thrown out, though, if I show them that I have my tags renewed and then I just have to pay a $25 court fee. 

Things are looking up!

David called me last night around 1-ish, however, telling me that Chrissy called him because some crazy bitch got some big dude to come in and try and throw Brandon out so David was on his way home. I got all concerned and shit like normal, but when he got off the phone with me so he could go inside, I started getting more worried. Granted, I'd already had my three terrible things and bad things come in threes, but I'm not usually lucky enough to get away with only three. So I started panicking a bit, but I told myself David could handle it.
So, my lovely mind says "What if something has already happened! What if Chrissy got hurt!" and my mind spiraled into "what ifs." Worst fucking thing to do, I know. But I was dead tired from sobbing pretty much all day so I set my ringer on high so I'd waking up for the anticipated phone call back that would hopefully say everything was okay. 
I woke up maybe 7 times last night, and checked my phone every single time. Nothing.

Grandma was the one that woke me up this morning though...
"Hello... "
"So are you coming to work or not?!"
"Wha? .... I thought I was fired."
"What gave you that idea?"
"After I left, you told me not to come back. That damn sure sounds like I was fired."
"You weren't supposed to hear that..."
"That was just my anger. I didn't mean it. You're the most important person in my life and I can't live without you. I know those are big shoes to fill, but you've gotta wear them."
Now, that would have been lovely and mushy, but my Grandma lacks emotion so that was all dead-pan monotone like she was reading a script. That's my Grandma for you though. I know she meant it, but only because I know my Grandma.

I have a job again!

I rolled into the kitchen (nearly literally) to tell my mom and she was on the phone, so I waited and when she was done she whirled around "You have insurance now! *glitters*" I'm on her insurance now and I only have to pay $50 a month so it's cheaper then my old insurance. Then she lol'd over my Grandma and told me to take a shower because the tag agency closed at 1.

I have insurance and tags!

When I got home, Mom made breakfast and Rick and I got to laugh at her face when she tried some of that "Naked Juice" shit. That stuff is NASTY. Because I was a retard and tried it despite my Mom's dying gurgles, whines and contorted face. It had the consistency of liquid SAND. Very grainy. After breakfast/lunch I got online and David was online! Great success. He told me what went down and luckily, everyone was okay!

My friends are alive and well! ; 3; <33333333333

Today has been looking up compared to yesterday, fortunatly. I doubt I could have handled anymore bad stuff. I'm not as tough as I act...
Tonight I'm going to Crescent for Tiffany's birthday and I get to have her Grandma's famous home-made noodles. I'm so fucking excited. fjak;sdjfa;sd

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2008-09-12 01:40 am
(no subject)


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2008-09-12 01:11 am
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Things have been cruising along pretty good for me, but there's not much else. I'm too much of a fag for lj posts anymore because I usually forget everything when I bring this sexy window up. /fails

Got someone else to crush over since I've successfully moved on from Travis. Sucky news about that? He's 700 fucking miles away! :awesomeface: I guess I'm destined to like guys I can't have. It's a gift.

But moving away from my ronery self... 8D

Back into One Piece again because I REALLY need a break from TFANYTHING
Don't wanna burn myself out and I fear the fandom might kill it for me, much like Fruits Basket and many others.

Nothing can ruin One Piece! *glitters*
Unless, of course, middle school drama SOMEHOW worms it's way in. Good thing I avoid the fandom for the most part. Ahahah.

Blargh. Not much else.
I really only made this post for the upcoming LJ cut. I had some shit to get off my chest about the injustices of something happening to a fellow TF:A RPer. God, how I want to fucking save her, but I can't. So, instead, I'll just vent. Please, ignore it. Really. It's just me getting a few things off of my mind so I can go to sleep (I have to wake up early lulz).

Hate and Rage, plz ignoreCollapse )

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2008-07-13 10:22 am
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So, this week has proved very... interesting. If not slightly traumatizing. XD

The week was pretty basic for me; just a lot of hanging out with Goldie and the guys. That is, until Thursday~ Bum bum bum, etc; etc;
I worked close with Hailey on Thursday and this old guy, around mid-fifties, came into the store who has started turning into a regular. He immediately went to me, which I'm used to (I have several regulars who always want me to help them). He had a bag of some junk he made and he wanted it wrapped for some lady so I said I'd do it. So I let him come back to the back and pick out paper, blah blah blah. Well, he left and went to check out the shopping center while I wrapped (which took forever because he wanted the gift layered).
Finally, when I was done he came back and was all "How much will this run me?"
"Oh, no. Don't worry about it. It's free."
"Well, then you deserve a tip."
"No thank you."
So he decided I needed a hug. He threw his arms around my shoulders and smashed me to him and proceeded to nuzzle my neck. Then he planted a painfully long and horrifying kiss on my cheek/jaw bone. I just kind of stood there and shivered for a minute before I brought up fake composure and took him up front to check out for a stone he bought.
When he left, I told Hailey all about it and applied liberal amounts of hand-sanitizer to a kleenex to remove the nastiness.
APPARENTLY, the whole time I was back there and he was in the store, he rambled about me to Hailey. *seppuku*
I'm all for having fan-boys, but... just.... NO.

So, that night, I went and hung out with Rachel, etc; etc;
Then she dropped me off, Goldie came over, and we went to the mall to hang out with Travis. We went to see the Hellboy midnight premiere (sorry, Aimee. ;w; I still wanna see it again though since I really don't remember it because I was so tired and nearly fell asleep a few times). Took FOREVER for Justin to get there, blah blah blah. After the movie Travis, Goldie and I went outside to find out that Goldie and Travis had parked next to each other and we rofl'd a bit (Travis got there second and isn't used to seeing Goldie's new car yet).
Well, we were just chillin' outside when we looked over and on the other side of the theatre were Jon, Justin and some guy talking. After a bit, Justin and Jon drove off leaving this random man standing there alone. Said random man started walking... towards us. :CCC
So the three of us just kind of looked at each other like "Really now? Is he walking THIS way?"
Well, he was. He came up to us with a car-clicker in his hand and kept pressing a button on it. In a very thick accent that sounded like Russian with a lisp he said "I can not find my car. Can you find your car?"
My first thought was "deny it." So I did.
So he kept saying random shit to us and talking about his car.
Goldie and I kept doing that weird "look at each other then laugh uncontrollably" thing and the guy would laugh with us and ask what was funny. It's you, pal.
So, finally, Travis found a way to get us out of there and we like, zoomed off. Travis took me home and as we were leaving the parking lot I saw the guy walking towards the restaurants and out of the parking lot. I couldn't have frowned hard enough.
It was so creepy. I kept thinking the whole time he was going to shank us or rob us or something. He was just.... weird. Had bad mojo/voodoo vibes about him. :C

I went shopping with Goldie yesterday and got a rad zebra print violent blue jacket. It makes me smile.
I need to go shopping at Wal*Mart today, but I don't wanna go by myself. :CCC
Maybe Aimee will go with.... >A>

Oh well. That's all I can think of right now. It's finish colouring and then shower time.

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2008-06-25 02:39 pm
(no subject)

*flounders about*

Ahahahah, here I am with a paid account that I DON'T USE.
Yeah, ahem, well. Here I am~ *glitters*

I don't have a whole lot to say though, I don't think. D:
I walked to work today! And nearly died, but that's irrelevant. It's like, less then a mile away from here, but it was kinda toasty this morning. AND I forgot my store key half way there so the walk was twice as long. >A>
Grandma brought me home though because I found a week-old or so sandwich in the fridge at work and ate it.... and now my stomach kind of hurts. :C
Susan kept offering to take me home and my thoughts were "Haha, no. You turn me into a lamp shade. :C"
But oh well. 8D

I'm downloading more TF:A like the nerd I am. I'm also trying to get Energon, which make take about 9 WEEKS according to bittorrent. >A>

I need to catch up on One Piece. I got like, TO Thriller Bark, but I was afraid to get burnt out and quit. uwu
Bunch of draamz happened (when do they not?) but I really don't feel like typing it all.

I need to excersise or something..... Fuck it. I'm comfy. 8D

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2008-05-14 01:42 pm
(no subject)

Slaggin' slag.
I now ban Wal*Mart sammiches. Fuck you, pal. *shake fist*
I'm home sick from work! 8D  And my hair totally looks like an emo-scene bitch because it's going up and squaring at the tops while the ends are all ragged and gross. If I went into a high school, I'd blend in. I dunno about you, but I'm impressed.



No. No. Fuck you, Stan Bush. I have a head ache. Get out my head!
I've seen the '86 movie way too many times now since Laura owns it, but it's just as good every time. Like all the little stuff you never notice until you watch it a thousand times. Prime example:
Me Grimlock kick butt! < and then he proceeds to literally kick Unicron in the butt. I lol'd. srsly. We always thought he was just attacking a random piece of him. Good days. 8D

I need a copious amount of cash and free time. I rly want to do Beast Wars Meg NAO. But I can't. /wrist
Once A-Kon is over and I've bought Guitar Hero I think I'll start saving for him and a new phone.
Though I may do Ultra Magnus first... He's a stack of geometry so that may be good practice on how to use the foam and everything so when we tackle our BW cosplay, we'll have a better understanding of what we're doing. I know Laura's ant head and ant butt won't be easy, much like my thigh pieces and dino head. fjalksdfj; idk
I'll wait until that lovely money time comes.

A-Kon you say? Well, if you insist.
Obahan is the only thing I have done. XD;
I have to steal my sewing machine from Laura's back room and my Grandma will make my coat. UNFORTUNATLY I don't have the money for the pants. So I HIGHLY doubt I'll be Smoker. /wrist
I got the spandex for Jeff's arm piece so I just have to make that. Gotta find some beads for his bracelet and I'm not even going to try the log post. Then all we need is a hat and he's done. I think he's borrowing a pair of my boots or something. idk

I need TF and BW icons... and a life.
Actually, scratch that last one. :B

Edit: Screw this phone! fjakfld;js
It's barely letting me text! I have to go at half my normal speed so it can fucking keep up!
And last night it tried calling my house TWICE before I turned it off and I wasn't even near the stupid thing. Needless to say, since it was almost 2 a.m., I got in trouble for calling the house. That is, until I explained what happened. Grandma knows all about my phone and it's faggotry.

Edit Edit: Fuck armadillos. I mean, really.

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2008-04-07 09:33 am
Attn IRL friends going to A-Kon

x-posted in devArt so you can ignore this if you read it there already. c:

I need to know how you're going to pay for your end of the hotel fees. Like, soon, just so I can get all my little ducks in a row here.
Deathy and I rounded the cost up to 1,500 so as to include groceries and gas. We're hoping that price will drop because she's going to try and get gas out of her parents considering her brother has been driving so long and gets free gas and she doesn't drive. It's a slim chance, but we're trying it.

We only, sadly, have 7 for sure people. We could have a crap load more, but they're all still really iffy so that means the total for each person will be 187-or so. Deathy and I are expecting that a certain two won't be able to pay that full price so we're understanding with that and help them out.

Now that that's out of the way, the real reason for this: the hotel is on my debit card. That means that whatever isn't paid at the front desk in cash, will be charged on me.
SO. Are you going to do cash at the desk or do you want to write me a check or give me the cash so you can help with unloading the vehicles? Either way is perfectly fine with me, but I need to know who all is giving me their money because I have to get to the bank before we leave otherwise my bank will eat me.

_garagos, you need to tell me when you want to come down here or when you will be arriving. You can come a day or more early if you want, or you can show up the day we leave. Just let me know and tell me if you need a ride to E-Town. I don't mind picking you up. c:

Days we'll be gone and how it will hopefully go down:
We're leaving Thursday HOPEFULLY around 11-ish so we can maybe avoid Dallas lunch rush-hour. Who ever rides with me will be dumped and you all will help Duey unload her car who ever is paying the hotel fee at the desk and I will go take care of that (if it's supposed to be done on the day we get there). The rest of you can stake claims on the room and help with pillows. Then I cruise off to retrieve Jeff and when I get back, a few of you will be needed to unload all of the suitcases from Megatron. If we don't pay that day (I'm asking Fuji's parents) then someone plz grab a key for me. Ask for multiples if everyone wants a key, I don't care, but I need a key since it's going to be more then just me getting hungry (Jeff will be my attachment).
I'm taking Jeff home Sunday, so if you need anything, you can ride with and we can get lost in Dallas while Molly tells us the wrong way to Wal*Mart.
Sunday night we'll load up Megatron (he'll be in the parking garage) and we'll leave Monday morning.
My ideal time is 9 a.m. because no one will be out there (compared to usual). So we can arrive back in E-Town around 11 or so.
Let me know if you need rides back to your houses or anything. I don't mind taking you back, just say when. 

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2008-03-31 07:53 am
(no subject)

I had a rawkin' weekend. 8D

Saturday I got to visually molest Deathy (the highlight of any day) and Susan went home after being there for like, a minute! Whoo! It was amazing. So, instead of Susan, Diana came in~ THEN AFTER THAT Travis came and picked me up and we went to Goldie's house because it was her birthday. cccccccccc:
Travis told me he'd be in Edmond, but when I asked him to hang out he told me he was only going to snag his bakery book that he left and then go straight back. Fibber. :B
So we went up there and surprised Goldie. Tee hee. So we watched part of the Addam's Family there and then Goldie decided we should ride the four wheelers. Oh god.
Well, the first time, Goldie drove. She went fast, but not too terribly and it was fasjdfkl;a super fun. *foam*
Then she let Travis drive her around and they survived so she tossed me on there with him. I nearly came off the thing like, 9 times. Right when I thought it was over Travis pulled up to Goldie and was all "Can this thing power-slide? 8D"
Goldie: I dunno. :U
Me: Pleeeeeease not with me on it. ;____;
Needless to say, it didn't work, but flying off that thing was hella fun. XDDD
It hurt, yes. Vry mauch. But it was fun. +___+
I'm perfectly fine other then a scratch wad on my hand and my left boob got scraped because of the shirt I had on. Travis got run over so his knee was all bloody and gross looking. He can walk and all so he's fine though.
The four wheeler pretty much tossed us and kept going like "Eff yew gaiz *CRUISES*"
After that we hobbled inside and played Clue. Travis had never played before and he won. I almost did though. +___+
Goldie's parents came home shortly after and were all "Travis! Heather! Go to Trattoria with us!"
I said I couldn't because I had no money and nearly got punched. Travis said he couldn't because he had to go back to Okmulgee and did get punched.
So we all piled into Goldie's car and went to Trattoria's.
I ordered the cheapest thing I could find which happened to be 16 bucks. *seppuku*
It was good though. Travis kept analyzing all the food... he needs to stay out of the kitchen for a while. >:U
Then we left, wrestled at Goldie's until her parents got home and off Travis and I went. We left around 9 which is hella early for us. Normally we can never leave Goldie's until like, 12.

Sunday?! I spent almost the whole day with Captain~ We went to lunch at Olive Garden and then we went to Hot Topic and it was fortunately the last day of the half off of half off day so I bought a new shirt for myself, got a shirt for Captain, bought a necklace for my wifey, and got two new pairs of earrings. All of that for 20 dollars even. Ooooh right (for those who don't shop there, Hot Topic's shirts are 20 bucks for one x___x).
Then we went to Claire's and I bought another pair of earrings and got a cute turtle charm for Captain. It had a pinkish-red turtle and a green turtle so I told her it was Luffy and Zoro. Fufufu. 8D
Then we went back to her house and we played Brawl with Carol Anne. Right after that when we were about to leave so I could go home, some really loud girl came over and shouted, successfully giving me a headache. Luckily she didn't stay long so I took Captain to her car. The plan of dropping her off and going home was cut short though, because we decided to go to dinner. So we went to Cocino de Mino's and bothered her boyfriend. He only charged us for one plate. Yeeey. <3
Then I went and picked up Deathy and carted her off to Wal*Mart with me. They were all sounding on the intercom like they were closing the whole store or something. So we bought some yogurt along with what we were there for and went and had a picnic in my truck in her drive way while a storm chugged towards us.
Ahhh, Oklahoma past-times. 8D *rocking chair*

APPARENTLY the tornado last night hit 184th and Penn and cruised down Covell.
That would be caddy-corner to MY HOUSE and down the street MY FRIEND LIVES ON.

I didn't know that when I woke up though. What I woke up to was "Heather, get up. D<   There was a tornado that hit north of us this morning."
So I laid in bed thinking "North... north... There's something important about that direction... HOLY SHIT!" and I successfully landed on the floor face first because I realized I'm south of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY FRIENDS EXCEPT FOR CAPTAIN. So I barreled out of my room with the name of every single friend north of me reeling through my head and practically kicked Grandma's door open and demanded to know where the tornado landed.
Now, before I go on, my Grandma SUCKS at giving you the IMPORTANT part of things. Like when I had my really bad wreck, Grandma kept trying to tell my Mom that she was watering instead of saying WHERE I wrecked.
"Grandma! Where did that tornado hit!"
"North... >:/"
"North where?!"
"North of us."
THEN she told me where. My heart was racing all for what turned out to be nothing (hopefully). Alex was perfectly fine, she just had no power. Goldie is fine. Deathy sent me a text at 2 after everything was over. Duey hasn't been getting my texts so I'm a little concerned and Travis hasn't replied either. They aren't far from each other so if I can at least get a response from one, I won't be -as- worried about the other.
I love storms and all, but when there are tornadoes rampaging all over the state (which will continue today) I get a bit worried about my friends. *Moms at them*
I'm mostly worried about Duey. Her residence is -very- mobile. Travis is in a building. Duey is not. Duey takes first place on my worry list. ;w;
I don't think anything too bad got near her though.

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